Redevelopment of the Passenger Building of the Alba Adriatica Railway Station







RFI S.p.A.

cost of works

€ 0.6 Millions

scope of works

Geognostic and material investigations, Evaluation of Seismic Vulnerability, Executive Design of Seismic Upgrading, Restoration of the building envelope and Redevelopment of the Passenger Building and external appurtenances of the Alba Adriatica Railway Station - Nereto - Controguerra (TE)


The Alba Adriatica – Nereto – Controguerra station is a station located on the Bologna – Lecce railway line, in the Municipality of Alba Adriatica, and bordering the nearby Municipality of Tortoreto, the city from which the station took its name in the first half of the 1900s.In consideration of the state of maintenance and the intrinsic potential of the building for a recovery of the functionality of the property for commercial purposes, the architectural restoration of the entire Alba station complex is necessary


The objective of the design was to restore the historical typological and architectural coherence of the building including the related seismic improvement/adaptation interventions, as well as the maintenance of the roofs and facades, the rationalization of the systems, the redevelopment of the atrium/hall pending maintenance of the Shelter serving the first platform and the external appurtenances of the station