Norcia Plan for post-earthquake reconstruction





Frazione di Capo del Colle di Ancarano (Norcia-PG)


Norcia Municipality

scope of works

Plan for post-earthquake reconstruction


In the months of May, June and July 2019, were held 6 sessions of Participatory Workshop with the inhabitants of Capo del Colle and the community of Ancarano (Norcia), in order to define and share the choices of the post-earthquake reconstruction.

The methodological approach for understanding the urban core aimed at its reconstruction and the first indispensable activity was that of an analysis documentary that allowed a historical and landscape framework of the development urban area of the ancient core, which was followed by the analysis of the instrumentation superordinate urban planning and the existing regulatory framework, and a careful analysis geological and hydrogeological to frame the characteristics of the land.

In compliance with Ordinance n. 39/2017, the objectives were to:

  • allow the population to return to their homes;
  • promoting environmental and architectural redevelopment;
  • disciplinary the reconstruction by maintaining or restoring the physical consistency of the buildings, with reference to the morphological and typological configuration of the situation prior to the earthquake;
  • identify, define and regulate the reconstruction of the “system of wall structures along the road fronts”;
  • to favor the resettlement of productive activities and public and private services;
  • create the conditions to promote a supply chain for the recovery and reuse of rubble;
  • consolidate and restore the system of historic public spaces and routes.


The Implementation Plan has identified the cultural heritage and the landscape, pursuant to D.Lgs. 42/2004, in order to give the plan the contents of the detailed Landscape Plan and to allow a more rapid execution of the interventions in accordance with the provisions the L.15/2017.

This takes on a novel character with respect to existing landscape planning.