Seismic upgrading and architectural restoration of the Palombina station







RFI S.p.A.

cost of works

€ 0.6 Millions

scope of works

Geognostic and material investigations, Evaluation of Seismic Vulnerability, Executive Design of Seismic Upgrading, Restoration of the building envelope and Redevelopment of the Passenger Building and external appurtenances of the Palombina stop (AN)


Palombina station is a railway stop located on the common section of the Bologna-Ancona and Rome-Ancona lines. Originally born, on the push of the nascent phenomenon of seaside tourism, as a stop in use only in the summer season, it became permanent starting from the year 1948. The degradation of the surfaces exposed to the maritime environment and the need for maintenance and redevelopment of the internal spaces have made it necessary to design the Seismic Upgrading and Redevelopment of the Building


The first phase of the Structural Design was concentrated on the execution of the investigations on the land, on the materials, on the structures, as well as on the structural and architectural surveys of the building and of the external appurtenances, in order to prepare the Verification Report of the Seismic Vulnerability of the building . The interventions aimed at the seismic adaptation of the entire station complex were therefore defined. The Architectural Restoration Project was based on the recovery of the stylistic and historical characteristics of the Station (in particular fixtures, roofing, facades, friezes and frames), as well as the recovery of the lost historical elements consisting of the external appurtenances of the Station (old historical shelters now partly replaced by the part of the building declared unusable in the Restaurant Room).