Extraordinary Program of urgent works for the recovery and development of the port of Genoa and the related accessibility infrastructures and for the intermodal connection of the Cristoforo Colombo airport with the city of Genoa

Mobility and Intermodality






Ports of Genoa

cost of works

€ 123,94 Millions

scope of works

Transport Study and Technical-Economic Feasibility Project


With the reconstruction of the Morandi bridge, the Municipality of Genoa and the Port of Genoa Port Authority have taken the opportunity to do an overall study of municipal mobility and problems with accessibility to one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. The purpose of this is to verify and reorganize the entire public and private mobility sector. Through the development of a complex, detailed municipal and supra-municipal macromodel using Visum software, and of a series of “dynamic micro-models” at the local scale, it was possible to reconstruct the entire mobility system of an area and of a complex network such as that of Genoa. Ten priority works were then identified, and a Technical-Economic Feasibility Project was developed with the aim of designing a new road infrastructure configuration in order to ensure the recovery and development of the port and improve its last mile accessibility, connecting it in a more efficient manner to the airport and to the urban and outlying areas behind it


Sintagma’s activities regarded:

  • the transport study supported by the macromodel aimed at verifying the effects of the opening of the Fondega Buffer area (parking area equipped for parking heavy vehicles waiting to reach the terminal using access booking systems) and the related dedicated junction for connection with the A10 motorway at Genova Pegli;
  • the implementation of dynamic micro-models of the Sampierdarena, Voltri and Riparazioni Navali port areas and the Fondega buffer area, supported by automatic surveys of traffic flows done with radar and video cameras and O/D interviews with drivers of heavy vehicles;
  • The works for which a Technical-Economic Feasibility Project was done are:
    • work A: Extension of the port elevated railway and ancillary works;
    • work B: Modernization of the port elevated railway and the San Benigno/Etiopia hub;
    • work C: Road network connecting San Benigno – Calata Bettolo;
    • work D: Ponente car park;
    • work E: Complete construction of the “La Superba” road;
    • work F: New Ponte del Papa bridge;
    • works G and L: Work for making safe the Via Pionieri d’Italia viaduct;
    • work H: Dredging of the new Ponte del Papa bridge
    • work I: Static reinforcement of the Ponte dei Mille bridge