Enhancement of water supply to the Campolattaro reservoir.





Province of Benevento, Province of Caserta


Acqua Campania SPA

Purpose of provision

Use of water from the Campolattaro Reservoir and enhancement of water supply for the Benevento area

Project overview

The PFTE of the Water Use of the Campolattaro Reservoir and the enhancement of the power supply for the Benevento territory, represents a phase of the project development of one of the strategic and priority projects defined by the "Plan of interventions for the improvement of the Regional Water System" approved by Resolution of the Regional Council of Campania No. 340/2016 and framed in the 2008 General Plan of Aqueducts of the Campania Region.

The project works constitute an important public infrastructure work in the area aimed at integrating and enhancing the drinking water supply of an area equivalent to that of the province of Benevento with a population of more than 200,000.

The project pursues important economic, social and environmental goals, such as:

  • It meets the drinking water needs of significant districts in the region;
  • Modernize, upgrade and rationalize the existing aqueduct network in the territory;
  • uses the accumulated water resources from the Campolattaro basin in a multiple, rational and sustainable way;
  • Eliminates and/or minimizes power withdrawals from wells and groundwater sources that largely serve existing aqueducts;
  • It eliminates the energy and environmental costs currently required by the lift systems in the existing aqueduct network;
  • Reduces the energy and environmental costs required for water purification with the simultaneous construction of the hydropower plant;
  • Significantly reduces water losses from the existing drinking and irrigation network.


Utilization of water from the Campolattaro Reservoir and enhancement of water supply for the Benevento area.