Railway junction of palermo







Nodo di Palermo S.c.p.a. - RFI S.p.A.

cost of works

€ 737,84 Millions

scope of works

Final and Detailed design


This is a large and complicate public work of implementation of the urban public service which once completed it will transform the existing railway line in a modern metropolitan network .

The project consist of 27 km of railway line out of which about 7,5 Km are in tunnels. They cross the entirety urban area and they develop up to Palermo Airport

The construction workstarted in 2008 are now completed for the Tract A and is being completed for the Tract B with completion expected in mid 2016.


Sintagma’s activities concerned the final and detailed design of work that included

  • the upgrade of 8 stations;
  • the creation of 10 new stops out of which 5 underground;
  • several bridges and over bridges;
  • construction of track works;
  • tunnels; cuttings;
  • embankments;
  • drainage systems

The technological plants include a new permanent anti vibration system in the tunnels, OHW, LVHVelectric system, signaling, supervision and communication systems, MEPequipment for tunnels and underground stations. All the works are being executed by maintaining the railway operative