Construction of a rapid link between Ragusa and Catania

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Cost of work

587,28 M€

Purpose of provision

Executive design and safety coordination in the design phase

Project overview

The work aims to create a quick and safe connection between the two important cities in the southeastern sector of Sicily, Ragusa and Catania.

The route runs largely on the current location of SS514 and SS194, deviating only in those sections where adaptation is impossible due to the presence of geometric parameters that are not compatible with the reference design standards. The intervention presents a development of about 68.66 km, divided as follows:

about 39 km along the SS 514 from the Ragusa area to the current junction with the SS 194 near Vizzini; about 29 km along the SS 194 from the junction with the SS 514 until the end of the intervention, near the town of Carlentini.

The roadbed has a width of 22 m, in accordance with the type B section of Ministerial Decree 5/11/2001


Syntagma's activities involved the final and detailed design of the work, which included:

  • Development of the intervention of about 68.66 km
  • No. 11 viaducts on both carriageways; the total length on viaduct is about 2,312 m on the left carriageway (Ragusa direction) and 2,325 m on the right carriageway (Catania direction);
  • No. 1 natural tunnel with a length of about 803 m on the left carriageway (direction Ragusa) and about 790 m on the right carriageway (direction Catania);
  • No. 1 railroad crossing artifact (Lot 4).
  • Construction of 10 interchanges connecting the new road axis with the interfered second-level road network, plus interconnection with the Catania-Syracuse highway.
  • Management of interference with some constrained areas already identified in the Environmental Impact Study phase
  • archaeological risk assessment performed on the basis of the processing of known, archival and reconnaissance data defined at high risk the impact of the work in progress on some areas in particular: the archaeological site of Contrada Castiglione (RG); Contrada Grottealte (CT); Contrada Carrubbazza-Bottigliere-Riceputo (SR).