Marzaglia Intermodal Railway Platform





Marzaglia, Modena


Impresa Ceprini Costruzioni S.p.a., Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

cost of works

€ 61,05 Millions

scope of works

Final and Detailed Design


The new goods yard at Marzaglia is located in the areas of the Municipality of Modena adjacent to the BOLOGNA-MILANO railway line and highway network, 3 km from the A1 motorway exit, which allows excellent connections with the most important production areas Italian.

The project, parts of the works related to the new high speed Bologna-Milano railway line, consists in a service center that can meet the requirements of the plant management company and the shipping companies that will handle the containers and traditional goods within the structure directly.


Sintagma’s activities concerned the final and detailed design of work that included:

  • 17 Ha yard, fully video surveillance, equipped with arrivals/departures strip tracks, 6 intermodal load/unload tracks with gantry crane and 4 direct load/unload tracks;
  • embankment up to 3.5 metres in height for a total of 80,000 m³ of infill material, after consolidation of the foundation soil with vertical drains and preloads;
  • 5 Ha of surfaces intended for technical buildings and warehouses (≈ 3,000m²) and service building (≈ 5,000m²);
  • 60,000 m² of flooring with reinforced concrete slabs in correspondence with the intermodal load/unload areas and yard drain systems with conveying and delivery elements;
  • yard safety and lighting systems, building M.E.P. and HVAC plants.