Three Valleys Umbrian itinerary

Highways & Roads




Section S.S. 3 Flaminia – S.G.C. E45 (Spoleto - Acquasparta)


Regione Umbria, Anas S.p.A.

cost of works

€ 396,9 Millions

scope of works

Preliminary and Final and Detailed design


The Three Valleys Umbrian itinerary is a very important road route in central Italy which, once completed, will make a quick and easy connection between the valleys of the Nera, Chiascio and Tiber rivers with a route mainly in tunnels and viaducts.

The final project concerns the Spoleto Aquasparta stretch for an extension of about 21 km, which will put the S.S. 3 “Flaminia” and the E45 high-speed road, two strategic axes of Italian mobility, in direct communication.

Sintagma’s activities concerned the Preliminary and Final and Detailed design that included:

  • Topographic surveys and geognostic surveys;
  • Environmental, Geotechnical, Hydrological and Hydraulic study;
  • Preliminary and Final design of 20,85 Km of new road with dual 2-lane carriageways (cat.B);
  • Detailed design of 6 km of new road, sigle Line (Cat. C1);
  • 8 multi-level intersections;
  • 1 bridge and 9 viaducts with total length of over 3,4 km;
  • 4 tunnels for a total extension of 6,07 km;
  • Works organization program, utilities and land expropriation;
  • Technical specifications and contract documents.