Metro-tramvia Cosenza-Rende università della Calabria





Tram line between Cosenza-Rende and the university of Calabria


Calabria State local administration

cost of works

€ 85,1 Millions

scope of works

Preliminary, final and detailed design


The new guided–transport system meets two requirements: to create a connection between the narrow-gauge network of Calabria Railways that serves the internal part of the region and the Italian National Railways along the Tyrrhenian coastline, and to provide an agglomeration of approx. 250,000 inhabitants with a new transport system.

The project consists of a new tramway line develops for about 21 km, is fully electrified and includes 40 stops, commercial speed of 20-22 Km / h, max frequency of 8 steps / hour, 3 stations (University of Calabria used by 40,000 people per day, Cosenza Centro and Cosenza Vaglio-Lise) and the depot of rolling stock with relative link.


Sintagma’s activities concerned the preliminary, final and detailed design of work, included topographic surveys, geognostic investigations and Environmental Impact Study.