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With expertise across a range of technical areas, SINTAGMA seamlessly manages all aspects of engineering in diverse environments and sectors at national and international level.

Services we provide

Preliminary Studies

Preliminary planning study, preliminary feasibility study, preliminary economic and financial studies, project financing, investigations and surveys.


Preliminary, definitive, executive and construction design, price analysis, calculations and estimates, quality control of the project, documents for tenders.

Construction Supervision

Supervision of works and coordination of safety in the execution phase.


Maintenance engineering; Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance.

Geology and Geotechnics works

Soil, subsoil and groundwater, surveys and non-destructive analysis.

Structural investigation and restauration

Vast array of experience in providing solutions to extending buildings lifespan, restoring and bringing back its structural soundness and integrity.

Sectors we serve


High-speed lines, metro and tram, conventional railways (renewal of existing lines or new projects).

Highways and Roads

New road infrastructures and adjustments, toll areas, road safety, roads.

Mobility and Intermodality

Multimodal transport centers, car parks, urbanization (renovation and new projects).

Bridges and Structures

For rail and road, all structural typologies, underground works.

Road and Railway Tunnels

With any method of execution, rehabilitation and new constructions.


Integrated architecture and engineering of civil and industrial constructions.