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We have expertise in a wide range of technical areas and offer state-of-the-art solutions for each field of application. SINTAGMA seamlessly handles all aspects of civil engineering, in different environments and sectors, both domestically and internationally.

What we offer

Preliminary Studies

Planning studies, feasibility studies, economic and financial studies, project financing, surveys and surveys.


Preliminary, final, executive and operational design, cost analysis, structural calculations and estimates, quality control, tender documentation.
BIM design


General construction management and safety coordination during execution.


Maintenance engineering, commissioning, asset management in terms of operation and maintenance.

Geology and Geotechnical Work

Soil, subsoil, and groundwater nondestructive surveying and analysis.

Structural investigation and restoration

We provide solutions to extend the life course of buildings by restoring and restoring their structural integrity and soundness.

Sectors served


High-speed lines, subways and tramways, conventional railways (renewal of existing lines or new projects).

Roads and Highways

New road infrastructure and upgrades, tolling areas, road safety, roads.

Mobility and Intermodality

Multimodal transportation centers, parking, urbanization, bicycle lanes (renovations and new projects).

Bridges and Structures

For railways and roads, all types of construction, underground works.

Road and Rail Tunnels

New construction and rehabilitation with any type of execution.


Integrated architecture and design of civil and industrial structures.