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We ensure the receipt, management, analysis and processing of reports, including anonymous ones, in compliance with the provisions of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 and its implementing law, Legislative Decree 24/2023.


The expression "Whistleblower" refers to the person who reports violations, irregularities or offenses committed to the detriment of the public and corporate interest to the bodies empowered to intervene.
Specifically, violations that can be reported under Legislative Decree 24/2023, so-called "Whistleblowing Decree" must relate to behaviors, acts or omissions that harm the public interest or the integrity of the company, of which the Whistleblower has become aware in the work context, pursuant to Art. 3, co. 2, lett. a), i.e.: violations of EU law (e.g. transport safety; environmental protection; consumer protection; privacy and personal data protection and security of networks and information systems; etc.).
Reporting (so-called "Whistleblowing"), from this perspective, is an act of manifestation of civic sense, through which the Whistleblower contributes to the emergence and prevention of prejudicial risks and situations.


The main purpose of Whistleblowing is to prevent or solve a problem internally and in a timely manner.
Full confidentiality is guaranteed on the subjects and facts reported, as well as the identity of the whistleblowers, so that the whistleblower is not subject to any form of retaliation.


Reports can be submitted through a special Platform-suitable for ensuring, by means of information technology, the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter-available at the following link:

Submit a report

This channel is considered preferential and suitable to ensure, by computer modalities, the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter.
The reports will be handled by the Company Soluzioni srls, which provides staff and professionals with autonomy and specifically trained in the management of reports.
Please note that, alternatively, it is also possible to send the report through the following channels:

  • By calling 320 531 18 94
  • By sending reports or requesting an appointment at the company's headquarters at 50 1st May Street, Ancona, AN.

Notwithstanding the preferential use of the reporting channels made available, in the cases strictly specified under Article 6 of Legislative Decree 24 of March 10, 2023, a report can also be made to the relevant competent authority (ANAC).


For more information, including what you can report, please read the Whistleblowing Procedure.

Information and personal data disclosed in the context of reports are processed for the purpose of managing and following up on the reports, as well as investigating any reported conduct and taking necessary measures in accordance with applicable laws, including data protection regulations. For more information on the manner and purpose of the processing of personal data included in the reports and collected during the procedure, we invite you to consult the Privacy Policy on the Processing of Data of Whistleblowers, Whistleblowers or Other Third Parties Involved.